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Good news! [Jul. 27th, 2010|10:46 pm]
It's Mona. My criminal justice class is over! Yay! I've gotten 90s on the first four exams, an 88 on the fifth exam, and a 86 on the final. My final grade will be calculated over the weekend, but I should get a good score.

My application is almost done. My last transcript just needs to get there. Here's hoping I get accepted.

Anyway, I should talk about happy things. Now that I have no classes to worry about, I will probably spend the rest of the summer working on fanfics. I've gotten interested in Darkwing Duck again, so I will probably work on those fics I left on the back burner. :)

I made a Darkwing/Morgana music video, available on YouTube:

Enjoy, and I hope to update soon!
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I figured I should update [Jul. 24th, 2010|09:33 pm]
Mona here. I have some new profiles for my Zodiac Maiden story. They're not final. I still have to name the familiars. I don't want to name all of them after angels. Only the water-elementals will have angel names.

Ideas for the novel have been slow-going, but I figure I'll have plenty of time to write in November. I hope to get halfway finished with the main story this year.

And before I forget, the new Zodiac Maiden profiles:

Name: Alala
Sign: Aries
Color: Red
Gemstone: Diamond
Familiar: ? the Ram
Element: Fire
Personality: Vibrant, talkative, intent on getting her way. Exudes confidence. Generous, reckless, optimistic. Threshold of boredom is extremely low. Short of patience. Lacks tact and diplomacy. Creative, open-minded, high-spirited, pioneering,vain, feisty.
Flower: Honeysuckle
Favorite food: Spicy foods, esp. curry

Name: Acantha
Sign: Taurus
Color: Royal blue and mauve
Gemstone: Emerald
Familiar: Ferdinando the Bull
Element: Earth
Personality: Quiet, patient, stable, determined, practical, stubborn, and resists change. Has a temper, but it takes a lot of pushing for her to show it. Does not look to challenge others. She has a deep appreciation for fine clothing, food, etc. Can be dogmative, secretive, stingy, opinionated, and suspicious. Has a pronounced jealousy streak.
Flower: Rose
Favorite food: Grapes

Name: Gemina
Sign: Gemini
Color: Yellow
Gemstone: Agate
Familiar: ? the Monkey
Element: Air
Personality: Lively, energetic, loves variety and communication. Loves to gossip, and hates monotony. Smart, but she doesn't like to apply herself.
Flower: Lily of the Valley
Favorite foods: Nuts

Name: Selene
Sign: Cancer
Color: Silver, black, and white
Gemstone: Pearl
Familiar: ? the Crab
Element: Water
Personality: A paradox. Kind, sensitive, sympathetic, and emotional, but guards her secrets well and is a worrywart. Wishes for approval, but resents needing approval so badly. She likes both security and new adventure.
Flower: White lily
Favorite foods: Fish

Name: Apolline
Sign: Leo
Color: Gold and orange
Gemstone: Ruby
Familiar: ? the Lion
Element: Fire
Personality: Enthusiastic, powerful, dogmatic, extravagant, generous, fixed in opinion, witty, vivacious. A prima donna if there ever was one. If injured, strikes back quickly and doesn't hold grudges. If approached in the right way (read: flattery), she'll agree to almost anything.
Flower: Sunflower
Favorite foods: Cereals and anything with honey

Name: Astraea
Sign: Virgo
Color: Navy blue and gray
Gemstone: Sapphire
Familiar: ? the Unicorn
Element: Earth
Personality: Reserved, modest, practical, a perfectionist. Also stubborn. Can seem cold and emotionless at times since she does not show emotion outwardly. Very motivated by duty.
Flower: Buttercup
Favorite foods: Potatoes

Name: Themis
Sign: Libra
Color: Lavender and other pastels
Gemstone: Opal
Familiar: the Snake
Element: Air
Personality: Artistic, easygoing, prizes beauty and harmony, diplomatic. One of the few Maidens who values her sisters' love rather than finishing the Battle Royale.
Flower: Bluebell
Favorite foods: Any berry fruits

Name: Castalia
Sign: Scorpio
Color: Crimson and black
Gemstone: Topaz
Familiar: Azrael the Scorpion
Element: Water
Personality: Passionate, imaginative, emotional, persistent, obstinate, and unyielding. Very jealous and possessive. Never forgets a kindness, but also never forgives an injury.
Flower: Rhododendron
Favorite foods: Strong-tasting foods, especially anything with onions

Name: Sophia
Sign: Sagittarius
Color: Purple
Gemstone: Turquoise
Familiar: the Centaur
Element: Fire
Personality: Energetic, freedom-loving, loves to read and debate
Flower: Carnation
Favorite foods: Anything with cinnamon, celery, grapefruits

Name: Terra
Sign: Capricorn
Color: Dark green and brown
Gemstone: Garnet
Familiar: the Goat
Element: Earth
Personality: Reserved, prudent, patient, strategic, seeks security. acquisitive, disciplined, and determined
Flower: Ivy
Favorite foods: Pastas

Name: Electra
Sign: Aquarius
Color: Electric blue and white
Gemstone: Amethyst
Familiar: the Albatross
Element: Air
Personality: Assertive, original, analytical, progressive, and inventive. Has strong dislikes and firm opinions. Slow to take offense and never mean-hearted.
Flower: Orchid
Favorite foods: Citrus fruits

Name: Arethusa
Sign: Pisces
Color: Sea green and turquoise
Gemstone: Aquamarine
Familiar: Selaphiel the Whale
Element: Water
Personality: Romantic, mystical, head in the clouds, impressionable, adaptable, receptive, intuitive, emotional. Can be naive and selfish, but has the best intentions for those she cares about.
Flower: Water lily
Favorite foods: Cucumbers
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Phoenix Wright Tarot [May. 26th, 2010|11:22 pm]
I'm designing a Tarot deck based on the video game series "Ace Attorney", mostly the Phoenix Wright arc.

Here are the character assignments and designations:

0. The Fool. Larry Butz. Need I say more?
I. The Magician. Maximillion Galactica?
II. The High Priestess. Lana Skye?
III. The Empress. Mia Fey.
IV. The Emperor. Phoenix Wright himself.
V. The Hierophant. Manfred Von Karma, with his two disciples (Young Edgeworth and Young Franziska (as she appears in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth)). This may seem like a bizarre choice as the card encourages one to make ethical choices. And Manfred is anything but ethical. But the reversed meaning denotes that truth is not often what it seems (a recurring theme). And betrayal and deception that can cause the end of a relationship.
VI. The Lovers. ???
VII. The Chariot. The card of success, confidence, and determination. Victory over enemies. Respect is earned. I'm planning to draw Miles Edgeworth in his car (a "modern chariot").
VIII. Strength. Regina and Leon, as the card depicts a maiden and a lion?
IX. The Hermit. Represents the search for answers. The reversed meaning advises to beware of dwelling on the past. I think Yanni Yogi would work. He lives alone, and his dwelling on his ruined life leads him to kill Hammond.
X. The Wheel of Fortune. ???
XI. Justice. Self-explanatory. Gregory Edgeworth is perfect for this one. In one hand he wields a sword and in the other the scales of justice. I just have a design conundrum. Should I give him his trademark glasses, or have him blindfolded? I'm leaning toward blindfolded because he was blind to who actually killed him.
XII. The Hanged Man. Gumshoe. The Hanged Man is a sacrifice, and Gumshoe got fired or nearly got fired in all three of the Phoenix Wright games.
XIII. Death. Maya Fey. Death sometimes means literal death, but also metaphorical rebirth and change. Maya literally changes into the dead person she channels. I thought it'd be an interesting Death card, with her in her channeling clothes and holding a scythe.
XIV. Temperance. This card depicts an angel pouring water between two cups. I plan to have Godot pouring coffee between two mugs.
XV. The Devil. A greedy, selfish person. Disregard for others. Beware of one who tries to control you. Dark secrets. Always judge people by their values, not outside appearance. Reversed meaning: A manipulative, controlling, cruel, and sadistic person. Now does this sound like Damon Gant or what?
XVI. A cataclysmic change. Overall chaos. The card depicts lightning striking a tower and two people falling from it.
XVII. The Star.
XVIII. The Moon. Fear and anxiety. Paranoia.
XIX. The Sun. Optimism and happiness. I think Ema Skye is the best choice, as she's happy and cheerful, and the end of "Rise From the Ashes" begins a period of contentment.
XX. Judgement. The Judge. Obviously.
XXI. The World. Coming full circle. I'm not sure who'd be a good choice.

Any suggestions?
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Zodiac Maiden profiles [Feb. 26th, 2010|08:52 pm]
Sign: Aries
Colors: Red
Familiar: Michael the Ram
Gemstone: Diamond
Element: Fire

Sign: Taurus
Colors: Royal blue and mauve
Familiar: Gabriel the Bull
Gemstone: Emerald
Element: Earth

Sign: Gemini
Colors: Yellow
Familiar: Jegudiel the Monkey
Gemstone: Agate
Element: Air

Sign: Cancer
Colors: Silver, black, and white
Familiar: Sandalphon the Crab
Gemstone: Pearl
Element: Water

Sign: Leo
Colors: Gold and orange
Familiar: Uriel the Lion
Gemstone: Ruby
Element: Fire

Sign: Virgo
Colors: Gray and navy blue
Familiar: Barachiel the Unicorn
Gemstone: Sapphire
Element: Earth

Sign: Libra
Colors: Lavender and other pastels
Familiar: Jeremiel the Snake
Gemstone: Opal
Element: Air

Sign: Scorpio
Colors: Crimson and black
Familiar: Azrael the Scorpion
Gemstone: Topaz
Element: Water

Sign: Sagittarius
Colors: Purple
Familiar: Sealtiel the Centaur
Gemstone: Turquoise
Element: Fire

Sign: Capricorn
Colors: Dark green and brown
Familiar: Metatron the Goat
Gemstone: Garnet
Element: Earth

Sign: Aquarius
Colors: Electric blue and white
Familiar: Raphael the Albatross
Gemstone: Amethyst
Element: Air

Sign: Pisces
Colors: Sea green and turquoise
Familiar: Selaphiel the Whale
Gemstone: Aquamarine
Element: Water
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Another Zodiac Maidens excerpt [Nov. 14th, 2009|03:07 pm]
At the end of the graveyard was a metal filigree cross. A female figure stood in front of it. She wore a long crimson and black dress with countless black ribbons trimming it, black stockings, black high-laced boots, a black ribbon choker from which dangled a ruby encircled by gold, ruby earrings, a metal hairband studded with onyx and more rubies, a ruby tennis bracelet, and a gold ring. Her pale face was accentuated by her crow-black hair. Her eyes were black as coal, framed by sooty lashes. “It has been a while, hasn't it, Acantha?” Her voice was sweet, yet laced with poison.

“You haven't changed,” Acantha replied. “I was hoping sixty years would improve your attitude, as well as your complexion.”

“I suppose it was too much to hope you would change,” said the other woman. “You're as bull headed as ever.”

“Why are you here, Castalia?”

“I sensed you were awake, so I decided to pay you a visit, sleepy head. Are you not happy to see me?” Castalia moved forward. “This boy is your medium? You've made some questionable choices before, but this must be the worst.”

“As usual, your arrogance is irritating,” Acantha said.

Castalia giggled. “Let me cut to the quick here. I'd like to propose a battle for our psi. Winner take all.”

“I think I'll decline,” Acantha said.

“As usual, you're a coward afraid to fight me. Very well, then I will take your psi by force. Of course, I am not so uncouth to say I'll take it right this second.” Castalia smirked. “But next time we meet before this cross, you'll be mounted on it, begging me to end your life. Goodbye for now, ugly little Acantha.” Castalia was suddenly surrounded by crimson smoke. When the smoke cleared, she was gone.

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Novel Info [Nov. 4th, 2009|09:13 pm]
Here are the Zodiac Maiden profiles. The Familiar names are still a work in progress. I'm not sure the angel names fit.


Sign: Aries

Element: Fire

Name Meaning: Sister of Mars. Aries is ruled by Mars

Colors: Red

Personality: Vibrant, talkative, intent on getting her way. Exudes confidence. Generous, reckless, optimistic. Threshold of boredom is extremely low. Short of patience. Lacks tact and diplomacy. Creative, open-minded, high-spirited, pioneering,vain, feisty.

Familiar: ? the Ram

Gemstone: Diamond

Polar: Libra (Themis)

Similar Characters: Etna (Disgaea)


Sign: Taurus

Element: Earth

Name Meaning: Thorn. Acantha is rather prickly.

Colors: Royal Blue and mauve

Personality: Quiet, patient, stable, determined, practical, stubborn, resistant to change. Has a temper, but it takes a lot of pushing for her to show it. Does not look to challenge others, but it'd be a fatal mistake to challenge her. Deep appreciation for fine things in life: fine food, clothing, etc. Shy and reserved with strangers, but likes to entertain those she's fond of. Can be dogmatic, secretive, stingy, opininated, and suspicious.

Familiar: Ferdinando the Bull

Gemstone: Emerald

Polar: Scorpio (Castalia)

Similar Characters: Shinku (Rozen Maiden)


Sign: Gemini

Element: Air

Name Meaning: Born under the sign of Gemini

Colors: Yellow

Personality: Lively, energetic, versatile, loves variety. Loves communication. Intelligent, but lacks perseverance. Can be superficial. Hates routine and monotony, loves gossip.

Familiar: Raphael the Butterfly

Gemstone: Agate

Polar: Sagittarius (Sophia)

Similar Characters: Jim Halpert (The Office), Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)


Sign: Cancer

Element: Water

Name Meaning: Moon goddess. Cancer is ruled by the moon.

Colors: Silver and sea green

Personality: Receptive, sensitive, imaginative, sympathetic, kind, and emotional. Likes security, but also loves new adventure. Wants to be loved and approved of, but resents needing approval so badly. Tends to worry. Guards her secrets well.

Familiar: Gabriel the Crab

Gemstone: Pearl

Polar: Capricorn (Terra)

Similar Characters: Penelo (Final Fantasy XII), Precis Neumann (Star Ocean: the Second Story/Second Evolution)


Sign: Leo

Element: Fire

Name Meaning: Female derivative of Apollo, the sun god. The sun rules Leo.

Colors: Gold and orange

Personality: Enthusiastic, powerful, expansive, extravagant, dogmatic, creative, generous, fixed in opinion, witty, vivacious. A prima donna if there ever was one. If injured, strikes back quickly but forgives quickly and doesn't hold grudges. If approached in the right way (read: flattery), she'll do anything.

Familiar: ? the Lion

Gemstone: Ruby

Polar: Aquarius (Electra)

Similar Characters: Celine Jules (Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution), Michael Scott (The Office), Nina van Horne (Just Shoot Me!), Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)


Sign: Virgo

Element: Earth

Name Meaning: Goddess of innocence, represents the constellation Virgo.

Colors: Navy blue and grey

Personality: Reserved, modest, practical, industrious, analytical, painstaking. A perfectionist. Organized.

Familiar:? the Unicorn

Gemstone: Sapphire

Polar: Pisces (Arethusa)

Similar Characters: Maya Gallo (Just Shoot Me)


Sign: Libra

Element: Air

Name Meaning: Goddess of justice.

Colors: Pink and lavender

Personality: Active, artistic, easygoing, peaceable, prizes beauty and harmony, diplomatic, polished.

Familiar: Raguel the Snake

Gemstone: Opal

Polar: Aries (Alala)

Similar Characters: Fran (Final Fantasy XII)


Sign: Scorpio

Element: Water

Name Meaning: A nymph who became a spring.

Colors: Crimson and black

Personality: Imaginative, passionate, emotional, subtle, persistent, intense, obstinate, unyielding. Intensely jealous and possessive. Never forgets a kindness, but also never forgives an injury. Vengeful.

Familiar: Azrael the Scorpion

Gemstone: Topaz

Polar: Taurus (Acantha)

Similar Characters: Suigintou (Rozen Maiden), Eiko (Final Fantasy IX), Dennis Finch (Just Shoot Me)


Sign: Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Name Meaning: “wisdom.” Root of word philosophy. Greek philos (love) and sophia (wisdom).

Colors: Purple

Personality: Energetic, freedom loving. Seeks challenges. Loves to debate.

Familiar: Chiron the Centaur

Gemstone: Turquoise

Polar: Gemini (Gemina)

Similar Characters: Luna (from Lunar), Quistis Trepe (Final Fantasy VIII)


Sign: Capricorn

Element: Earth

Name Meaning: “earth.” Capricorn is an earth sign.

Colors: Dark green/brown

Personality: Reserved, prudent, patient, strategic, seeks security, is acquisitive, disciplined, and determined.

Familiar:? the Goat

Gemstone: Garnet

Polar: Cancer (Selene)

Similar Characters: Steiner (Final Fantasy IX)


Sign: Aquarius

Element: Air

Name Meaning: “Shining one”, or “amber.” Electra was the sister of Orestes and persuaded him to avenge the murder of their father.

Colors: Electric blue and white

Personality: Assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original, and inventive, has strong dislikes and firm opinions. Easygoing, reasonable, slow to take offense, and never mean-hearted.

Familiar: Uriel the (bird?)

Gemstone: Amethyst

Polar: Leo (Apolline)

Similar Characters: Yuna (Final Fantasy X)


Sign: Pisces

Element: Water

Name Meaning: Woodland nymph turned into a spring by Artemis.

Colors: Pale green and turquoise

Personality: Romantic, mystical, head in the clouds, impressionable, adaptable, receptive, intuitive, emotional

Familiar: Selaphiel the Whale

Gemstone: Aquamarine

Polar: Virgo (Astraea)

Similar Characters: Osaka (Azumanga Daioh)
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Today's excerpt [Nov. 4th, 2009|08:36 pm]
Mona here! Posting my first excerpt from Twelve Silhouettes. 

Synopsis: A goddess named Concordia, the judge of souls, angers Zoltan the King of Gods. Zoltan splits her into twelve personas -- the Zodiac Maidens. Each Maiden is aligned with a sign of the Zodiac. They are Alala (Aries), Acantha (Taurus), Gemina (Gemini), Selene (Cancer), Apolline (Leo), Astraea (Virgo), Themis (Libra), Castalia (Scorpio), Sophia (Sagittarius), Terra (Capricorn), Electra (Aquarius) and Arethusa (Pisces). Zoltan orders the Maidens to fight each other. If they fight, the winner will absorb the loser. The loser will become a statue. The winner of this "Battle Royale" will become the unified goddess again, though the Maidens are unsure whether this means reverting back to Concordia's original personality or the winning Maiden retaining her personality. 

The story is told in Phases. 
Phase 1: Concordia's day to day life as a goddess and judge
Phase 2: Concordia angers Zoltan and is split
Phase 3: The Zodiac Maidens awaken and meet. 
Phase 4: (Present Day) Mike Adell, a college student, meets the Taurus Maiden, Acantha. 

 Mike looked at the statue. It was white marble, about six feet tall counting its pedestal. It was of a woman with classical features.  

“Should I move it?” Mike asked. “Probably. I don't want something this nice getting knocked over during a party. But how? It probably weighs a ton.” He touched the woman's waist. “I wonder who sculpted this. They had a lot of talent.” He looked at the pedestal. There was no inscription. It was just a block of solid stone. He noticed a gold ring on the pedestal. He picked it up. It was a simple gold band, with an intaglio of a circle topped by a half circle. “A crest, maybe?” He slid it on the fourth finger of his right hand. It fit perfectly.  

Mike cried out. The ring suddenly felt warm on his finger. He tried to slide it off, but it was stuck. He ran to the bathroom and soaped his finger so the ring would slide off, but to no avail. It was stuck. “Great.” 

The ring cooled. 

“What the heck happened?” Mike asked, returning to the front hall. He gasped.  

The statue was moving. The woman stepped off the pedestal and sank to her knees. As she fell, her stone dress transmuted into...navy blue fabric. Her white face took on a peach skin tone. Her carved hair turned chocolate brown. The woman laid down on the Oriental rug and closed her eyes.  

“What the...?” Mike asked. He looked over the seemingly sleeping figure and touched her cheek. It was warm and soft. He touched her hair. It felt like real hair. Her chest rose and fell. “She's...breathing.” He lifted her skirt and peeked. She was wearing frilly white bloomers. “Underpants?” Should I wake her up? He touched one of her black boots. “Real leather?” He poked at the woman's chest. “Hey. Um, nap time is over.”  

The woman's eyes opened again. They were green, with long eyelashes. A pink blush settled across her cheeks. She sat up, then rose to her feet. Mike took in her full appearance. Her blue dress reached her calves. She was wearing white pantyhose that hid her legs. Her boots were old-fashioned, with several buttons up the side. He looked at her neck. She wore a rather expensive looking emerald and diamond necklace. Her earrings were dangly, and also sported large emeralds. Her hands were covered in white gloves, and Mike could see a gold ring on the fourth finger of her left hand. A gold bracelet was on her right wrist. Her sleeves were trimmed with black lace, and a pink sash was wrapped around her waist. The dress' neckline went up to her collarbone and was trimmed with more black lace.  

Mike took an apprehensive step back.  

The woman looked at him, assessing him. And from the anger in her eyes, her assessment didn't seem positive. Her shiny black boots made the wood floor under her creak. She took a step toward him.  

Mike saw her raise a gloved hand, but didn't register what she was doing until her hand met his cheek with a sound like a miniature thunderclap. He rubbed his welted cheek. “What was that for?!”  

“You touched me without permission,” the woman said angrily. “Men are so vulgar.”  

She's no hallucination, Mike thought. Hallucinations don't just come from statues. And they don't slap you or make the floors creak.  

The woman brushed dust off her dress. “This place is filthy.”  

“Well, no one's been here to clean since Uncle Ebenezer croaked,” Mike said.  

“This Ebenezer was the previous owner of this house?” the woman asked. “And you are his nephew. What is your name?”  

“Michael. Michael Adell. Everyone calls me Mike.”  

“Michael,” the woman said. “I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Acantha, the second of the Zodiac Maidens.”  

“Zodiac Maidens?” Mike asked. He looked down at the ring. “Oh. This is the symbol for Taurus the Bull.” Why didn't I notice that?  

“Correct. I am the Taurus Maiden.”  

“Taurus Maiden?”  

“I am starting to get hungry.”  

“Hungry? Well, I brought some cup ramen as a snack. You can have it.” 

“Cup ramen?”  

“Instant noodles.”  

“I will not eat instant anything. You will cook for me.”  

“First off, lady--”  

“Lady Acantha.” 

Mike grinded his teeth. “Lady Acantha, you're a guest in my house.”  

“And you should always treat your guests with respect. That is part of being a gracious host.”  

“Even an uninvited one? And a pain-in-the-ass one?”  

“Watch your tone, young man,” Acantha said sharply. “A gentleman does not speak to a lady like that.”  

“Secondly, I'm not worth a fart in a noisemaker when it comes to cooking. I burn cornflakes, okay?” 

“Then how do you eat?”  

“Lots of ramen and takeout.”  

“You're a fan of Japanese food? I am rather fond of tempera udon.” 

“Well, there's a Japanese restaurant nearby. Hoshizora.”  

“Will you take me there?”  

Mike looked at his watch. “I'm late. I was going to get pizza with the guys.”  

“I shall accompany you.”  

“It's nothing fancy. We're just going to eat dinner at Dante's.”  

“I want to go. I am getting more hungry by the minute. What year is this?”  

“It's 2009. October 1, 2009.”  

Acantha sighed. “I have been asleep for sixty three years.”  

“Sixty three years?! Um...you don't look that old.”  

Acantha turned and kicked him in the shin.  

“Ow! What was that for?!”  

“You shouldn't make cracks about a lady's age.”  

“You little bitch!”  

Acantha's face flushed. “What did you just call me?!”  

“You heard me.”  

“Just keep pushing it, human.” Acantha crossed her arms. “Are all human men this rude, or is it just you?”  

“Well, who do you think you are?!” Mike snapped. “You were a statue and you just spontaneously turned into a beautiful woman and now you're bossing me around and hitting me and acting like the Queen of Sheba and I don't know what to do.” 

“You consider me beautiful?” Acantha asked.  

“Well, yes.”  

“Hmph.” Acantha looked at the paintings on the wall. “Matisse, Rembrandt, Van Gogh. These are all masterpieces. You have good taste. I would like to come back and look at this house some more after we dine.”  


“Yes.” Acantha turned. “Shall we?”  

Mike sighed. “Fine. I'll take you to Dante's Pizza.” He turned and walked out of the parlor. “Follow me.”  

Mike and Acantha walked through the halls of Arlington Hall together until they came to the front hall. 

“Well?” Acantha asked. “Aren't you going to open the door for me?”  

“Open it yourself.”  

Acantha folded her arms. “A gentleman opens doors for a lady.”  

“Whatever.” Mike opened the door and waited for Acantha to step out. She waited on the porch while Mike closed the door and locked it.  

“What are you waiting for?” Mike asked.  

“You must go ahead of me down the stairs,” Acantha said of the stairs leading down from the porch. “A gentleman goes down the stairs ahead of the lady so that he may catch her if she falls.”  

“You are so bizarre.” Mike took his car keys out of his pocket. “I suppose you want me to open the car door for you?”  

“You don't want to?”  

Mike pushed a button on a keychain remote. The automatic locks clicked open. “You're a big girl.”  

Acantha walked to Mike's red car and opened the passenger side door. “That's amazing. You opened it without having to turn the key in the lock.” She wrinkled her nose at the stained upholstery. “This is not an optimal means of travel, but I suppose it'll do.” 

“I guess they didn't have these types of locks back in...'46?”  

“And the postwar car designs were so ugly. I like this design. Very functional and streamlined.” 

“Well, it's no Lamby, but it gets me where I want to go.”  

“A Lamby?” Acantha looked confused.  

“A Lamborghini. Very high-end Italian cars.”  

“I see. I suppose a Bentley is too outdated for you.” Acantha sat down on the passenger's seat, pulling her dress into the car.  

Mike got into the driver's side, placed the key in the ignition, and began to drive.  

Fifteen minutes later, Mike pulled into the parking lot of Dante's Pizza.  

“I am fortunate that I have not had a bite to eat,” Acantha said.  

“My driving's not that bad.”  

“My stomach hurts.”  

Mike got out and slammed the door. Acantha stayed still. Mike sighed and opened Acantha's door. She stepped out. Shoot...people are going to stare at her clothes. Who dresses like that going to a pizza parlor?  

Acantha waited while Mike opened the glass door and stepped inside the pizza parlor. She had the air of a queen.  

Mike followed, noticing the stares of some of the other patrons. Just as I thought. He walked to a nearby table. “Hello, Zack. Billy. Steve. Austin. Ethan.”  

Acantha stood beside Mike. “I am delighted to make your acquaintances.”  

“Where'd you find her?” asked Zack. “One of those internet dating sites?” 

“She's hot,” Austin commented. “Do you know if she has a sister? Or maybe a cousin. Or is her mother a MILF? Hell, I'm not choosy.”  

“What's with those clothes?” asked Ethan. “Where does she think she is? Japan?”  

“Have you fucked her yet?” Steve asked.  

Acantha flushed. “I see where Mike gets such crudeness. You gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, should be ashamed of yourselves.”  

“Body: ten. Personality: zero,” Billy said.  

Acantha slapped Billy, then turned to Mike. “I shall take my dinner on the other side of the restaurant. Order for me.”  

Mike sighed. How did it come to this?  

Acantha sat down at an empty table across the dining room.  

Mike turned to his friends. “Not to side with the bitch, but you guys were being pretty rude.”  

“So you haven't hit that yet,” Steve said. “But you want to. That's why you're kissing up to her.”  

Austin made mock kissing noises. “I can't quite see your face, cause your lips are on her ass.”  

“Whatever.” Mike moved to the counter. “Can I get a large pizza with everything and a pitcher of cola?”  

“Right away,” said the clerk. “That'll be seventeen ninety five.”  

Mike took out his debit. She better appreciate this. He moved to Acantha's table.  

“Where is the silverware?” Acantha asked.  

“Um, there isn't any,” Mike said.  

Acantha unfolded a white napkin. “Why are the napkins not made of linen? They're paper, and rather cheap paper at that.”  

“I got you a pizza with everything.”  

“I don't like mushrooms.”  

“Then pick them off, sweetheart.”  

“You don't have to be sarcastic.”  

Mike sat down across from her. “You were right. The guys were being assholes. You'll get used to it.”  

Acantha didn't answer.  

“Is there something wrong?”  

“I am worried about my sisters. Last time I was awake, the world was in a state of crisis.”  

“World War II, right?”  

“Are you up to World War VI by now? People were so shocked by the Great War that they said that they'd never fight again, but look what happened,” Acantha looked rather sad. “So many lives were destroyed.”  

“We haven't had another world war since.”  

“Then the world is at peace?”  

“Well, we're not blowing each other up anymore. Except the Middle East, but they're all a bunch of violent assholes. Pakistan and India hate each other, and I wouldn't vacation in Colombia. Half of Africa is starving, the other half is on fire with AIDS.” 


“A disease that really fucks up your immune system so you die of a common cold. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The virus that causes is called Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It's possibly an offshoot of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus, but we don't really know. There is no cure, so if you get it, you're screwed. Then there's Ebola, the virus directly imported from everyone's nightmares.”  

“I wonder if Alala and my little sisters are awake.” Acantha gave a slight smirk, then it faded. “Unless she  and I are the only ones left.”  

“She?” Mike asked.  

Acantha's face clouded over. “I'd rather not discuss such things over dinner.”  

“Pizza's ready,” said a waiter, placing the pizza on the table. He also put two ceramic white plates, a pitcher of soda, and two glasses. “On a date?”  

“Of course not!” Mike and Acantha said in unison.  

“I just assumed, since the lady was dressed like it was her first date...” the waiter said. “I'm sorry.”  

“You are forgiven,” Acantha said, taking off her white gloves. She lifted a piece of pizza from the pie and placed it on one of the plates. “I suppose I will have to make do with my fingers.” She picked it up and bit. She chewed for at least thirty seconds, by Mike's count and swallowed. “Well, it is delicious. I commend you for picking such a delectable restaurant, Michael.”  

Mike picked up a slice. “It's just Mike, okay?”  

Acantha poured herself a glass of soda. “This is not tea, but I suppose it will do.”  

“Have you ever had the original stuff?” Mike asked.  

“I beg your pardon?” Acantha asked.  

“Coca-Cola's original recipe had cocaine in it. I guess that's why it was called 'coca'.”  

“Oh. No. I've never had cocaine in any form. I think drugs are deplorable.” 

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NaNoWriMo entry [Nov. 3rd, 2009|09:07 pm]

I'm doing a Mighty Ducks fanfic for NaNoWriMo this year. Actually, I'm doing two stories: one original and one fanfic. The original is "Twelve Silhouettes." 

Basically, my Mighty Ducks story is about Drake DuCaine and his quest to liberate Asauria from the Emperor Holofernes. 

 “My compliments to the chef,” Holofernes continued. “I would like to take the opportunity to welcome our newest general, Titian. He has risen through our ranks, and become one of the Twelve Generals at the tender age of seventeen.” 

Bithynia, Holofernes' wife, interrupted. “Never mind it's a battlefield promotion, thanks to the unfortunate death of General Zephaniah...”  

“Yes, yes,” Holofernes said dismissively. “Smoking is dangerous to one's health without being blown up by an exploding cigar. Fortunately, we've captured the subject responsible, so the rest of you may rest easy in your beds tonight.” Everyone laughed. “Titian, look around. From now on, these will be your comrades in arms. Think of them as your brothers.” The sole female general coughed. “And sister.”  

“I am happy to be here,” Titian said.   

“What's the matter, Venes?” asked the general sitting to Venes' right. “You hardly touched your salad.”  

Venes looked down at his Caesar salad and speared a crouton with his fork. “Nothing's the matter.”  

“Venes, I'm your brother. You're lying. I can tell.”  

“Very well, Valens. Mind if I ask you some questions?”  


“Not here.” Venes wiped his mouth with a napkin. “Let's go to the drawing room. What I'm about to ask shouldn't nauseate our fellow diners.”  

“Fair enough. Let me just finish this foie gras,” Valens shoveled the last of his dinner in his mouth.  

Venes waited while Valens finished, then looked toward Holofernes. “Your Highness, may Valens and I be excused for a moment?”  

“You may,” Holofernes said. “Just be at the arena in time for the execution.”  

“Yes, Your Highness,” Venes said, rising and bowing.  

“So what did you want to ask me?” Valens asked as he and Venes arrived in the drawing room.  

“How do I begin?” Venes shifted uncomfortably. “Um...was your dinner good?”  

Valens burped. “Yup.”  

“Do you have any idea how foie gras is made?”  

“Sure. It's fatty duck liver. There are ranches out in the country. They stick a long metal tube down each duck's throat and pump greasy corn mix into their stomachs. Their livers become saturated with fat and get that nice, buttery texture.” 


“And? What about it?”  

“Well, the ducks spend two or three weeks chained up, being forced-fed until their livers nearly burst. And I don't know. It seems wrong to do that to beings that can walk, talk, and think like us.”  

Valens looked blankly at Venes. “Come again?”  

“It doesn't feel right to force-feed our subjects and slaughter them just to supplement our dinners.”  

Valens burst out laughing. “You feel sympathy for the 'poor' duck whose liver I just ate?” He gasped. “That's priceless!”  

Venes shook his head. “You're right. Forget I said anything. Let's go back.”  

Venes and Valens took their seats in the restaurant dining hall.  

“So, I've been wondering,” Titian said to the others. “I've never actually played bossaball. What is it exactly?”  

“The greatest sport in the known universe, that's what!” One of the generals, Othniel, said. “Let those ignorant, uneducated prole ducks have their hockey.”  

“Bossaball,” explained the female general, Deborah. “Is a variant of volleyball, with elements of soccer, gymnastics, and capoeira added. “We have to play it indoors, as its too cold to play outside.”  

“We basically play it on a souped-up bouncy castle, and the referees both officiate the game and provide a soundtrack of drums, turntables, and microphones,” added General Simeon. “That produces something that is mind-blowingly awesome!”  

“Seriously, why isn't this shit in the Olympics?” said General Gideon.  

Titian beamed. “That sounds incredible!”  

“You shall join my team after the execution,” Holofernes said. “And I'll have you know I have never lost a game of bossaball.”  

General Rommel stood up and bowed. “I prepared the execution myself. I decided that tonight, we shall put to death the girlfriend of the young prankster who blew up General Zephaniah. Let the perpetrator watch from a live feed and stew in his cell for a few days.” 

“That seems unnecessarily cruel,” Venes said without thinking.  

“Hmph, seems not cruel enough,” the senior general, Elimelech, said sourly.  

“Whatever do you mean, Sir Venes?” Rommel asked.  

“Executing the girlfriend of the prankster,” Venes said. “She likely had nothing to do with it. Women aren't known for being anarchists...”  

“I acknowledge that the lady was not involved in the assassination of Zephaniah,” Rommel said. “But how better to torment the assassin by forcing him to watch the execution of his girlfriend and knowing it was all his fault?”  

“We're already going to execute the assassin,” Venes said. “Why bloody our hands any further?”  

“Examples must be made,” Othniel said. “Why the sudden softness, Venes?”  

“Nothing,” Venes said quickly. “Forget it.”  

A few minutes later, Holofernes, Bithynia, and the generals sat down in the palace's giant amphitheatre.  

Venes looked around at his fellow generals. Titian and Rommel seemed to be watching the execution with interest. Deborah was fanning herself. She looked bored. The others watched with less interest than Titian and Rommel. Venes looked toward Holofernes.  

Holofernes, interestingly enough, was dictating a letter to his secretary.  He seemed oblivious to the screaming below.  

Meanwhile, Drake was sleeping peacefully in the cabin. And he dreamed.  

He dreamed that he was in a tent, facing an older looking duck. The duck was wearing typical white collar worker clothes – a white shirt, black tie, gray slacks, shiny black shoes. His graying hair was neatly combed.  

“Who are you?” Drake asked.  

“I'm a prophet.”  

“A prophet?” Drake laughed. “You don't look much like a prophet to me.”  

“What does a prophet look like?”  

“Crinkly old dude with a blindfold with a long gray beard, carrying a walking stick, and wearing rags.”  

The duck shrugged. “That's an old prophet, like Teiresias. We prophets have to change with the times. Weather forecasters dress like this, do they not? And don't you believe what they say?”  

“Weather forecasters aren't prophets.”  

“They tell you what the weather's going to be.”  

“Yeah, but that's educated guessing.”  

“And how is that any different from prophesy?”  


“Ever heard of Nostraduckus?”  

“Yeah. The ultimate prophet.”  

“You see, there's this thing about Nostraduckus. He wrote some very nice poetry. And he guessed a lot. And that's all there is.”  

“You're telling me Nostraduckus just guessed a lot?”  

“Yes. Let me illustrate my point. Nostraduckus went to a party one day. And the host said 'I have two pigs. I will serve one for dinner. One pig is black and one pig is white. Which will I serve?' Nostraduckus said 'the black one.' The host then went to his chef and said 'roast the white one for dinner.' The host asked Nostraduckus again, 'Which pig will we eat?' Nostraduckus again said 'the black one.' Later that night, the chef confessed that he meant to serve the white pig, but the dogs had eaten it and he had been forced to serve the black pig.”  

“Um...I know that story. What is your point?”  

“Nostraduckus had a fifty-fifty chance of getting the question right the whole time.”  

“So Nostraduckus wasn't a prophet after all?”  

“Oh, he was one. And so am I.”  

Drake stood up. “You just told me Nostraduckus didn't receive divine messages! And you're saying you do?”  

“I never claimed to.”  

“But you call yourself a prophet!” Drake clutched his forehead and sat back down. “My head hurts.”  

“If I'm not a prophet, how do I know your name?”  

“You could have come to one of my hockey games.”  

“Nope. I have never heard of you until you uttered those words to your girlfriend. Astra, wasn't it?”  

“What words?”  

“Don't you remember? 'He has usurped the prerogative of Walt himself, claiming it as his right to assign for ducks a sphere of action, when that belongs to their conscience and their God...'?” 

“I seem to remember saying something like that. But how do you know I said that?”  

“I may not receive divine messages from Walt Disney, but I do get messages from other channels. And when you said that, my heart soared.” 

“So you want Holofernes and his Generals off our planet. Join the club.”  

“Drake, if I told you that you were the Chosen One that will kill Holofernes, would you believe me?”  


“Good. Because I won't tell you that.”  

“Hmph. What will you tell me?”  

“You think that we are just robots programmed to follow the 'fate' that our Creator made for us? Like the Sims? No. We ducks have the power to shape our own fate. Every duck on this planet has the power to tell Holofernes to go fuck himself.”  

“So why don't we?” Drake asked.  

“Why don't we indeed?”  

“But Astra and I have been over this. Before we can tell Holofernes off, we have to find him. And the coward is hiding in his capital. Nineveh. No duck has laid eyes on it and lived to tell about it.”  

“What if I told you...'Nineveh will fall'?”  


“Just what I said. Nineveh will fall. And it will fall in your lifetime. Whether or not it will be by your hand...is up to you.”  

“Up to me? Let's just say for a moment I believe you...um, what's your name?”  


“Nahum. Let's just say for a moment I believe you. You say that Nineveh will fall. How can I find it?”  

“Hey, I'm only the messenger. The technical details are beyond me.”  

“Some prophet you are.”  

“Shall I tell your fortune?”  

“Tell my fortune?”  

Nahum held up a deck of tarot cards. “Just humor me. The cards have quite a bit to say about your future.”  

Drake's curiosity got the better of him. “Okay.”  

Nahum handed the cards to Drake. “Shuffle them, please.” Drake did so and handed them back. “Amazing how the full range of human experience can be distilled into seventy eight cards. He laid one card down. For your present position, the Page of Swords in the upright position.” The card depicted a youth holding a sword. “You, in other words. You are under thirty, intelligent, confident, and responsible. You intimidate others and challenge them to keep up. You thrive on extreme sports...”  

“Hockey's not that extreme.”  

“The ducks you've checked beg to differ. Now for the current influences...” Nahum drew another card. A maiden in a white dress was holding a lion's jaws shut. “Strength, in the upright position. A card of tolerance, character, and compassion. The ability to endure adversity. You can face any problem with inner strength. When challenged, maintain control of the situation by reacting calmly. Have patience with others' weaknesses and do not allow them to become your problem. Look for support from a strong woman. Good advice. It would behoove you to remember it.”  

“Strong woman?” Drake asked.  

Nahum continued. “Next is your goal or destiny. Ah, the World, in the upright position.” This card depicted a maiden wrapped in a purple scarf. She held two wands. A wreath surrounded her. A human face was in the upper left corner, an eagle in the upper right, a bull in the lower left, and a lion in the lower right. “You will enter a period of great happiness and positive events. All the pieces will fall into place. Goals will be achieved. A sense of fulfillment and inner peace from helping the less fortunate.”  

“So my goal or destiny is a new Asauria? Free of Holofernes?”  

“Goal or destiny?”  

“Well, which is it?” 

“Are those two things mutually exclusive?”  

“Well, a goal is what I want to happen. My destiny is what will happen. Am I right?”  

“Once again, you have the power to create your own destiny. And if your goal is to bring about a new world, who are you to say it isn't fate?”  

“You are thoroughly confusing, Nahum.”  

“Shall I continue?”  

“Yes, please.”  

Nahum drew another card. “Influences of the distant past. The Queen of Cups, upright.” The card depicted a queen in a white dress and blue cape, sitting on a beautiful stone throne. She wore a golden crown and held a chalice. “A woman. Attractive, practical, romantic, emotional, honest, devoted. The perfect wife and loving mother. A nurturing personality. Kind, sympathetic to the feelings of others. She has a positive effect on your life.”  

“That sounds a lot like Astra. And she did change my life from the day we met,” Drake was overcome with a feeling of nostalgia. “In a positive way.”  

“She's not bad looking either,” Nahum commented.  

“That's my girl you're talking about,” Drake growled.  

“I get it. No talking about your girl. I'll just have to settle for fantasies of Astra dancing topless...” Nahum jumped back just in time to avoid Drake's fist and nearly dropped his cards in the process. “Lighten up!” 

“You ducked before I swung...”  

“Hey, I'm a prophet. Let's continue, shall we? Recent past events, and we have the Lovers in the upright position.” The card depicted a couple under a tree, being watched over by an angel. “A period of good times ahead, close friendships, and adventure. An important decision made.”  

“Which I'm guessing is my decision to save Astra from that sham of a marriage.”  

“Tarot cards are pretty much a Rorshach test. Everyone sees what they want to see.” Nahum flipped over the next card. “This is the future influence.”  

Drake leaned closer. “This ought to be interesting.”  

“The Hermit, in the upright position.” 

“See, that's what a prophet looks like.” Drake indicated the card: a picture of a tall, elderly man wrapped in a gray hooded robe. He had a long white beard. In one hand, he held a walking stick and in the other a glowing lantern.  

“I already said. That's outdated. Passe. The Hermit card is a message to follow your heart, not the crowd. It also predicts a meeting with one who will defend, inspire, or protect you. Next is the present attitude. The Two of Wands, in the upright position. Growth of personal power and courage. You will command the respect and attention of others. Embark on a new adventure. Act decisively. Commit all your energy to the new beginning you seek.”  

“You make this sound like cake.”  

“You get to be a valiant hero. Me? I'm the prophet. You know how much crap I have to deal with? No one ever believes prophets. And if Holofernes ever found out I've foreseen the fall of his capital...” Nahum trailed off. “Prophets always meet a horrible end.”  

“Then don't be a prophet anymore.”  

“If only I could.” Nahum held up his cards. “Let's say we finish this reading.”  


“The environmental influences...ah, a reversed card. The King of Wands. Signifies a man over forty. A controlling, overbearing man who is quick to anger in interpersonal relationships and at work. Very judgmental and intolerant of others' opinions. Ignorant. Closed to new ideas and prefers to maintain the status quo. Prejudiced and rigid. This person will create conflict and unhappiness for you.”  

“That sounds just like Holofernes. He may have been a good king once, but now he's a monster. He makes ridiculous laws just so he can exercise power over people. He takes without giving back. He humiliates his subjects and forces them to degrade themselves for mercy. Mercy he never shows. And since no one else has said it...he's a tyrant.”  

“He's a tyrant whether you say so or not.”  

“What's the next card?”  

Nahum held up another card. “The Seven of Wands, upright. Your feelings. You are on the defensive. You expect criticism and challenges to your authority. Stand up for yourself and for your beliefs. You will never regret your actions, though they seem too aggressive at the time. And the final card. Your most likely outcome. The Knight of Swords, in the upright position.” He held up the last card. A knight on horseback, wielding a sword. “A man under forty is about to enter your life. He conceals his emotions and has a military demeanor. He is disciplined and supremely confident. He is responsible, shrewd, and alert.”  

“Who, though? Will he help me or hurt me? Nahum?”  

Nahum didn't answer.  


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Vanity: Thy name is Mary Sue [Oct. 21st, 2008|07:14 pm]
Mona here.

Hate Mary Sues? I sure do. Miss MSTs on Fanfiction.net? Well, here's a little project I've been working on called "Objection to This Character." The Phoenix Wright cast tackles a blatant Mary Sue character page.

Here we go:
"Objection to This Character"
An original Phoenix Wright MST by Mona
Disclaimer: Phoenix Wright and all associated characters copyright Capcom. 

Godot: Nice going, Trite. You pissed off Milton Malice.

Phoenix: This is not my fault.

Franziska: When you are the main character, everything is your fault!

Phoenix: At the risk of sounding like Ron DeLite, stop picking on meeeeee!


Godot: If this is what he does to us, imagine what he’s doing to his daughter.

Phoenix: Marine’s endured this kind of torture on a daily basis. She must have some sort of immunity to it.

Franziska: Why do you care about that simpering daddy’s girl anyway?

Edgeworth: Well, Godot has a thing for cute lady lawyers.

Maya: Godot likes Marine! Godot likes Marine!

Godot: I do not!

Phoenix: Your face is all red.

Godot: It is not!

Maya: It totally is!

Malice: (over the intercom) I'd appreciate it if you didn't refer to my daughter that way.

Phoenix: What do you intend to do with us?

Malice: Not us. Just punish you for interfering in my business.

Franziska: By forcing us to listen to whiny hippie songs?

Malice: Be grateful that I’m only subjecting you to a character sheet from a really bad Mary Sue fanfiction story, not the story itself.

All: (scream)

Malice: What's going on? I took three men and two women prisoner, yet I hear three women and two men screaming. What gives?

Phoenix: That's just Edgeworth.


Edgeworth: So what series is this for?

Godot: Disney’s Mighty Ducks. A shameless tie in animated series. Lasted a grand total of twenty six episodes before the network cried “No more!”

Phoenix: More like them trying to relive the glory days of DuckTales and failing miserably.

Franziska: Eh, could be worse. It's a step up from Star Trek: the Animated Series.

Full Name: Calandra Robyn Drakeler

Maya: Cylyndry Rybyn Drykylyr?

Phoenix: Lynyrd Skynard called. They want their gimmick back.

Franziska: Replacing vowels with 'y'. So...yuppie. Right, Miles?

Edgeworth: ...
Nicknames: Callie, Cal, Robbie, Callie-locks
Age: 25
Birthdate: April 9th, 2084 (April 14th, 1975 on Earth)
Accent: Russian; sounds like Kath Soucie
Height: 5’6”

Appearance: Calandra is a very beautiful duck,

Phoenix: Ugh, aren’t there any original characters that aren’t “very beautiful”?

Edgeworth: Well, think of the people who create these characters. They’re usually fat, pasty-faced, acne-riddled basement dwelling knuckle-draggers.

Godot: Whatever you say, pretty boy.

even though she usually overshadows her attractiveness. It is said that her back length black hair is the most radiant color upon Puckworld. Radiant and mysterious; like a raven.

Franziska: And yet another fanfiction cliché: naming someone Raven or comparing them to ravens.

Edgeworth: And since when are ravens radiant and mysterious? They’re disgusting.

So when people talk about Calandra’s hair color, they refer to it as ‘raven black’. She rarely lets her hair flow loosely. Most of the time Callie keeps her hair tied in a braid. Her feathers are white, except slightly a shade darker.

Franziska: How can one get ‘slightly a shade’ darker than white? White is the reflection of all colors. It’s either gray, black, or white. And shade means ‘darker’, making ‘slightly a shade darker’ redundant. Tint means lighter. Learn your art nomenclature, you foolish fool who dreams of her foolish character!

Her eyes are a glittering amethyst violet color, with curly and lush eyelashes.

Edgeworth: Elizabeth Taylor is the only one who can get away with violet eyes.

Godot: Talk about violet-eyed cliché.

Edgeworth: Well, Elizabeth Taylor is the most beautiful woman in the world. (Franziska scoffs)

Maya: What? I'm not alluring?

Edgeworth: ...

Maya: Nick! Mr. Edgeworth is being mean to me!

Phoenix: What am I supposed to do? You're a big girl.

Her figure is a graceful one, yet with some athletic features within them. She’s slightly curvaceous around the breasts and hips. However, her appearance doesn’t go un-flawed. On her back, from her left shoulder to the right side of her hip, she has a deep scar. She also has a few bluish bruises on her thighs, from years of horse-back riding.

Weapons: Calandra IS a weapon! She was trained in the art of Jao Shan (a mixture of Judo and Tae Kwon Doe) ever since she was four years old, without her family knowing. However, her skills aren’t up to perfection anymore, since it’s been a few years since she last used them. So she has a few weapons to make up for her somewhat-rusty techniques. She uses two laser crossbows, each the size of a nine millimeter automatic, a black bullwhip, and several daggers, appearing to have been made of silver, even though the silver is really steel.

Attire: Calandra loves to wear anything that shows off her attractive figure, yet makes sure that it’s not too revealing. Her fighting attire is a white sleeveless leotard, fitting over the curves of her hips. Her leotard has a zipper, the zipper piece at the tip of her bustline

Maya: Nick, what’s a bustline?

Phoenix: Ask your sister.

the collar flaring our slightly. Laced around her neck is a crystal white diamond necklace, shaped like a heart.

Phoenix: Heart-shaped necklace. As seen on every anime chick ever.

In the center of her necklace is a smaller heart-shaped ruby, in the center.

Maya: Paging the Repeating Police!

On each arm, Calandra has a golden arm band, a silver elbow pad, and a brown leather glove. Her arm bands holdup to any number of knives, from two to eight.

Godot: Are you hoping what I’m hoping?

Franziska: That she slides a knife in too deep and slices open her brachial artery, causing her to bleed to death?

Godot: The kitten read my mind.

Franziska: Don’t call me kitten. (whip!)

Depends on the desperation of the situation. Her left elbow pad has spikes connected on them, for shedding blood when Callie jabs them with her left elbow. Her gloves both have rectangular patches on them, showing some of her feathers. Her right glove has metallic knuckles, with a communicator

Edgeworth: Who’d want to communicate with her?!

built upon her right wrist. Her left glove has a thin, golden wrist band. Underneath her leotard, Callie wears bright violet tight pants, with a light green army pattern. Her brown utility belt, with the yellow buckle, holds a harasett on each side of her, holding her crossbows. On the front, side, and back of her harasetts, more over her knives are stored. Cal also wears dark purple knee pads like Mallory’s, with a dark green diamond in the center of each one. She also wears white boots with silver accents; her left boot holds one last dagger.

For everyday wear, Calandra would usually wear black jean style leather pants and a white sleeveless turtleneck. Or a purple waist skirt with small slits at the side, a white sleeveless lace tee, with beige colored stalkings and black heeless shoes. She also leaves her hair down and wears a bit of make-up here and there.


Personality: Calandra is the ULTIMATE adventuress! She’s one of those headstrong, audacious, vixen-like women. She THRIVES on adventure and danger! She also knows a lot about mythology and all types of exotic artifacts. She also has the heart of a thief and pirate.

Phoenix: Thief and pirate? Those aren’t exactly great qualities.

Think of Calandra as a mixture of Carmen SanDiego and Indiana Jones.

Phoenix, Godot, Edgeworth: (gasp!)

Franziska: What is it? Besides the obvious?

Phoenix: (sniff!) Nobody drags Indiana Jones’ name through the mud like that.

Edgeworth: Sacrilege!

Godot: How dare she!

Maya: Who’s going to defend poor Carmen Sandiego? (sniff) I loved those games…

She’s also a pure feminist. Doesn’t like being called certain names. She does have a soft side, a bit of a romantic. But she does have a violent side of her, which is displays in combat. She also has a passion for daggers and horses.

History: Calandra Drakeler is the daughter of Joseph Michele Drakeler and Juletta Ariel Diamondfeathers Drakeler. Her father was once a champion horseback rider and a master fencer, the strongest one in Puckworld. Her mother was a golden haired beauty from Franzilian, men desperately in love with Juletta after first glance. After winning his 20th match, Joseph and his family were invited to dine at the Diamondfeather Mansion for a banquet. Joseph used to have a habit with sniffing up the skirts of a female. During the festivity, Joseph decided to be naughty and looked up the skirts of one of the female guests. While a golden haired female duck was gossiping with the other guests, Joseph ducked under wards. Making sure no one would see him, he looked underneath the blonde’s white dress. The blond felt something was wrong, and when she looked down, she saw Joseph and shrieked. Instead of apologizing, Joseph only smirked and playfully slapped the girl’s butt. Little did he know that the woman who’s skirts

Edgeworth: I see she failed her grammar classes.

Franziska: What makes you think she was ever in school?

he sniffed was the host’s daughter, Juletta Diamondfeathers. After being introduced to her few minutes after their previous ‘meeting’, Joseph’s feathers went pale, and Juletta was mortified and hypersensitive

Franziska: Hypersensitive? A slap in the face would suffice.

by his libidinous behavior towards her. For the first few weeks that Joseph was in Franzilian, Juletta was cold towards him, refusing to be near him as much as possible. It took Joseph much patience, nearly four months, and many flowers, but eventually he won Juletta’s heart. They fell passionately in love with each other and married as soon as they could.
The Drakelers lived in Moscalovsan, Unistan (just think of Moscow,Russia). They were the richest family in all of Puckworld. Their home, Drakeler Manor, existed upon the Unistan cliff. The Manor had existed for nearly 900 years. So not only was it ancient and had a fascinating history, Drakeler Manor was also luxurious. Calandra is the youngest of ten children, having nine older brothers. Many would consider Calandra to be a spoiled brat, since everything is handed to her upon a silver plate. She would automatically give up that luxurious life of being waited on hand and foot, without a second thought, for one thing: freedom.

Franziska: Her and every RPG princess.
Calandra was a very restless young girl, wanting to do more than learn the ways of an aristocratic lady. At around four, she left Drakeler Manor. She wasn’t running away, though; she wanted to explore her home country. After exploring the candy shops, the toy stores, and everything else in the market places along Moscalovsan, she stumbled upon a martial arts studio: The Spirit of Fire. Curious on what the label meant, Callie entered the building to explore. There, she saw many young men, some as old as seventeen, practicing the art of Jao Shan. She was slightly disappointed that there were only a handful of females in the classroom. The teacher, Master Spiritwing, an old duck, about nearly eighty, noticed Callie watching the students training. Curious on why a four year old would be in a dojo all by herself, he seem to have caught Callie’s attention. He also noticed that she was very interested in trying to beat up one of his students with the techniques one of them used.

Edgeworth: We’re supposed to believe that she can learn techniques just by watching them? Who is she? Monica from Heroes?

Franziska: Hmm…I wondered why you never pick up your phone on Monday nights…

The master allowed her for that one time, thinking that it wouldn’t do any harm to give a child a shot. Being a fast learner, Calandra was able to hit one of the brown belts hard in the gut, knocking him overwith a body slam when he doubled over.

Phoenix: OBJECTION! It’s physically impossible for a little kid to knock over a brown belt with a body slam!

Godot: I don’t know. Grossberg might have been able to. Through sheer force of bulk.

Maya: Was he a fat kid?

Godot: Well, let me put it this way. His birthday is September 4th, 5th, and 6th.

The teacher was very impressed,knowing that not many girls that young are capable of being able to generate that type of strength.. He then decided to give Calandra lessons, hoping to harness her skills. From then on, Calandra was a student of the martial arts Jao Shan. Calandra was also a student at Mrs. St. Quacklanson’s Finishing School for Girls. She was taught everything a student should learn: math, science, history, etc. But at this finishing school, she was also taught how to serve tea, how to sew, acroetics (amixture of acrobatics, ballet, and gymnastics), music, and horse-backriding. She didn’t mind the music lessons much; Callie was an amazing and gifted violinist. And the horse-back riding she loved, as long as she wasn’t forced to ride side saddled. But everything else she HATED. There were too many rules about proper behavior for a lady. So many that it drove Calandra insane to follow them.
At the age of six, Callie was wondering down the marble halls of the mansion, when she caught her father placing his old fencing sword against the walls. Cal had ALWAYS wanted to learn how to sword fight, but her father refused to teach her. Her mother forbade the lessons, and Joseph was afraid of her scaring her beautiful and innocent face.

Phoenix: “Scaring”? As in fright?

Edgeworth: I think she means “scarring.”

Phoenix: Ah.

Calandra didn’t dare go against her father’s word, for his punishments on disobeying him WERE severe.

Franziska: What, a spanking? “Spare the barbed whip, spoil the child”, I always say.

Godot: Some mother you'd make.

After gazing at his sword for a few minutes, she saw an old miniature crossbow. She found the crossbow more to her liking than a fencing sword, seeing it was faster and could be used from a long distance. So she then taught herself on how to use the crossbow.
When Calandra was about eight years old, she discovered an old secret about Joshua Blazefeather, the Drakeler’s chef. Joshua had yellow feathers and gray streaked silver hair.

Phoenix: Was this person trying to fill some sort of word quota? I can’t see why she’d include that physical description.

After sneaking back from a martial arts lesson, she caught Blazefeather throwing a type of meat up into the air, and tossing knives into them,pinning them against a wall. When he cracked a bullwhip back, obviously preparing to whisk the knives away, the tip of the bullwhip cracked upon the top of Calandra’s beak. He quickly apologized over and over when he heard Callie’s scream, but she already forgave him, knowing that it was an accident.
It was then that Callie learned that Joshua Blazefeather was once known as Josh the Heroic, a member of the Unistan Harlequinsters; the Russian circus of Puckworld. He was the top knife tosser and lion tamer in the circus, an ace with the bullwhip. However, the circus lost its business, due to financial problems. After a few days of looking through the paper, Callie’s father offered him a job a their personal chef. He quickly took the job, since he was a great cook and desperate for work. Calandra was eye-wide and hanging onto every word of Joshua’s story, since she loved the circus and their talents. Seeing the interest in her violet eyes, Joshua decided to give Calandra lessons on using the bullwhip and knife.
Josh decided to teach Calandra the bullwhip first, since the art of knife throwing was much more advanced and she was so young.

Phoenix: Which is an excellent thing to teach your boss’ daughter…how did this guy not get fired?

Calandra had a hard time learning the basics first, since she was so tiny. But after two months, she was finally able to tackle the more advanced tricks. When she became ten, Josh had enough confidence in Calandra to teach her the art of dagger throwing. He had to go very slowly, since she was a young child. But every week, he’d increase the speed by a notch or two. By the time Callie was thirteen, she could throw knives more swiftly and gracefully than any other knife thrower on the face of Puckworld. 

Of course, Joshua could still out do her, even if he was blindfolded, but Calandra knew that there would always be someone better than her. However, she didn’t know that she would need her new training so soon.
When Calandra was fourteen, her father donated the Drakeler Diamond,the most prized jewel of the Drakeler family since the time of Drake DuCaine, to the Puckworld Museum of Historical Jewels. Callie protested against the very act, since there was the risk of the jewel being stolen. The historians and guards assured the Drakelers that the jewel would be protected by their newest security system and themselves, of course. Calandra didn’t believe that they’d be able to protect her family’s sacred jewel against Duke L’Orange and Ernie Falcone,

Maya: Finally! Some canon characters!

Franziska: Naïve child. They won’t be the canon characters you like. They will be twisted, unrecognizable versions of your beloved favorites.

Phoenix: Thought you only cared for the Steel Samurai series.

Maya: I watch cartoons, too, Nick. And there’s a character in this show who’s sort of a samurai and one who’s sort of a Zen Buddhist and one who’s sort of an Evil Magistrate…

the two greatest thieves in all of Puckworld. So she then decided to take matters into her own hands and try to stop the thieves herself.
On that night, dressed in black leather from head to toe, Calandra setted of towards the museum. Dodging guards and security beams from left to right, she stumbled upon the room where the jewel was kept. After waiting for half an hour, she spied Duke and Falcone attempting to steal the diamond. After waiting for the right moment, Calandra threw an object onto Duke’s wrist, badly bruising it.

Maya: I didn't know Duke bruised easily.

Phoenix: Like an overripe peach.

Franziska: Hemophiliac, perhaps?

When she tried to flip over and apprehend the two crooks, the rope cracked and she fell flat on her butt right in front of the two. At first, Duke had the upper hand,since he was older and stronger than her. But Calandra was able to outsmart him because of the size of his ego. After trapping Falcone and Duke in a candelabrum, Callie prepared to make her grand escape. Unfortunately, the two thieves were able to breakout of their corona prison and escape before the cops could find the two.
Callie was trapped inside the museum with guards at every door,so she decided to wait until the crowd died down. Unfortunately, Falcone was the first to find her and attempted to murder her. Luckily, Joshua’s lessons paid off well, and she was able to tie Falcone up tight like a Christmas goose.
Maya: Nick, what happened to 'suspension of disbelief'? 
Phoenix: Out the window.

She then attempted to try and do the same to Duke. But Duke wouldn’t be fooled so easily by someone much younger than him. Before she could react, Duke pinned her against the wall. Callie expected Duke to try to kill her, but instead he KISSED her. Calandra was surprised by this reaction; she even tried to fight it. But Duke’s charms were impossible to resist, even for her. So instead of resisting, she decided to turn the tables and use that moment to HER advantage. She pretended that she wanted Duke to make love to her right at that moment. He even gave Calandra a chance to be let into the Brotherhood of the Blade, the ring of thieves he was to lead in the future. Instead of taking the job, Callie raised a knife into the air and jammed it at Duke. She attempted to murder him right then and there, but instead she cut his right eye out. Since then, the two became enemies, vowing to destroy each other, one way or another.
Calandra tried to continue on with her life, but still felt a strange surge of emotion for Duke. Either love, or a remarkably strong lust towards the ruggedly handsome thief. Only three people knew about Calandra’s meeting with Duke: Joshua, her mom’s handmaid Isa, and one of her earlier brothers, Slayde, who she could trust with secrets. When Calandra was nearly eighteen, she then found out that she was to be married to Kirtland Quackson, the son of Carlton Quackson, mayor of Moscalovsan. Calandra refused to be married to a man like Kirtland, for she knew that there were only two reasons why he wanted to marry her: her father’s vast fortune, and her beauty. Callie knew that the Quacksons had a bitter reputation with the women; always had a passion for wine, women, and song

Godot: “Who loves not women, wine and song remains a fool his whole life long."

However, her refusal for the marriage was denied. Her father and Kirtland’s father signed a contract to seal the marriage. Calandra knew then that the only way to escape the arranged wedding was to leave Drakeler Manor and all of Unistan for good. But she had to find a way to make sure that the others wouldn’t track her down. After a good amount of thinking, she decided to fake her death to keep the others from pursuing her. So the night before the wedding, Calandra poured fake blood all over a fake manican dummy that looked everything like her

Maya: What’s a manican?

Franziska: Fitting she chose a dummy.

Edgeworth: Fake blood on a dummy. Not even Gumshoe’s dumb enough to fall for that!

and stuck a knife into her. She then ran away from her home on her pet horse.
Since then, Calandra became a free women. To keep people from noticing her, she dyed her hair pink and changed her name to Felisha DeMalard. She then needed to look for work. Callie, aka, Felisha,tried to enter the life of a race jockey, since she knew nearly everything about horses and was a great horse-back rider. However,all the jobs were taken. There were no work for horses anymore,on the count that all the positions had been filled. Callie was in despair, until she learnd that P.W.S.F.(Puckworld Special Forces) needed new recruits. Since that was the only job available, and she was a pretty good fighter, Callie immediately joined.
After she joined the military, Callie met Mallory McMallard,P.W.S.F’s Flight Commander. They became fast friends, both having the same love for fighting. Calandra kept feeling a ping of guilt, never telling Mallory her REAL name. Little did she know the opportunity would come when she least expected it.
Half a year after Callie joined the army, the Brotherhood of the Blade struck again. Calandra and Mallory were on late night duty then, when they saw two men sneaking out of the missile base. It was then that Calandra knew their identities: Ernie Falcone and Duke L’Orange. They managed to chase them down to an old factory that made carbonated acid for their peacemaker missiles.

Phoenix: Peacemaker missiles? Am I missing something here?

Edgeworth: Is that like military intelligence?

The acid was harmless if you stayed in there for no more thanten minutes. Any longer and your skin would start to burn.

Phoenix: I wasn’t aware acids had time limits.

When Calandra tried to capture Duke, he threw her down into the tank of the freezing carbonated acid. Mallory had a choice then: to throw the two in custody, or rescue her friend and partner. Making a hasty decision, Mallory dove down into the tank of acid and pulled Calandra out of the container. However, the acid removed the pink dye in Callie’s hair, and her true form was revealed.

Phoenix: I've never heard of a hair dye that can be removed with acid. And I know hair care products.

Franziska: If her hair is black, it'd be impossible to dye pink. Unless she bleached it first, but then it'd turn a weird color.

Maya: I've always wanted to dye my hair neon green.
Admiral Featherson, the one in charge of P.W.S.F., was furious. Not because of the escape of Duke and Falcone, but because one of his top recruits, Felisha DeMalard, was actually Calandra Drakeler. He was about to kick her out of the military, when Mallory backed her up, defending her. Admiral Featherson had to admit that Calandra was one of the best recruits he hired, and he couldn’t kick her out for all the loyal service she put in. So instead of firing Calandra, he just demoted her from Lutenit to Sergeant, Second Class. It was then that Callie confessed the truth to Mallory, not leaving out a single detail. Instead of blowing up like a raging volcano, Mallory was calm about the entire ordeal. When Calandra was twenty, the Saurian Invasion hit.

Phoenix: Is that like the British invasion?

Maya: This is more like the brutish invasion.

Franziska: Brattish.
During the Invasion of the Saurian Empire, Calandra served as a spy for the Resistance, once again using her alias, FelishaDeMalard. Before Canard, leader of the Strike Force, was going to attack Draguanus’s Headquarters, Calandra’s last mission was to blow up the prison camp her Icecanstovan, another Russian city in Puckworld. There, she met her father, who was very sick from the lack of fresh food, pure air, back-breaking labor, and severe beatings.

Franziska: How did he go from living in a mansion to being in a Gulag-style camp?

Godot: Well, he was rich, so...tax evasion.

Franziska: Ah.

Callie tried to help her dad out of there, but he kept telling her to leave him behind; he said he had nothing left to live for. When they were halfway down the secret escape tunnel, the two had an encounter with Kirtland Quackson. In distracting him with a broken wall above his head,Callie was able to get her father away from the dungeon. However, Lucretia DeCoy

Edgeworth: Um, who's Lucretia DeCoy, when was she introduced, and what relevance does this new character have?

Phoenix: Can you imagine the riots that would result if someone introduced an unnecessary character into our video game series?

All: ...

Phoenix: What? Something on my face?

struck a knife into his back, shedding much blood from his body. It was then that Joseph Drakeler discovered that his daughter wasn’t dead on the night before her wedding; she was right before him. Before Joseph died, he told Callie that her mother was killed by the Saurians, five of her nine older brothers were dead from assasination from her ex-fiance, and told Calandra to make Draguanus pay.

Maya: Draguanus? Is this the twin of Dragaunus, the main villain of the series?

Then Joseph died, in his own pool of blood. After shedding many tears and escaping the blown up dungeon, Calandra vowed to her father to make the Empire pay for murdering her family.
However, Canard denied Callie’s with to join them in the mission against Draguanus’ Headquarters. He said that she didn’t need to do anymore for them; that she did MORE than her duty. But the REAL reason, one he refused to admit out loud,was because he was afraid that if she encountered Draguanus, her emotions would cloud her judgement. Even though he understood the rage she felt with the Empire, since he gave the orders to murder her parents and five of her nine older brothers, Canard was still afraid that Calandra would sacrifice the safety of the mission and her comrads to avenge her family. So she stayed on Puckworld, helping to rebuild the cities, destroy remaining torture camps, and kill any remaining people that worked for the Saurians or were the Saurians themselves.

Phoenix: Ah, ethnic cleansing. Lovely.

Edgeworth: Slobodan Milosevic would be proud.

Three years after the Resistanceleft, the remaining few of P.W.S.F.’s soldiers tracked down the Resistance. However, no one would volunteer to go and retrieve them, until Calandra bravely volunteered herself into going. After being warped from Puckworld to Earth, Callie heard screaming and gun blasts at a nearby bank. After examining it, she realized that a civil war was breaking out in there, and that a little boy was right in it.

All: HUH?!

Maya: Civil war?

Phoenix: In a bank?

Edgeworth: Sometimes I’ve just got to say “what the fudge”?

Godot: I’d use a stronger expletive.

Franziska: Malice, you (bleep!)ing piece of (bleep!)

Phoenix: (covers Maya’s ears)

IF she had waited a few more seconds to invade, the boy would’ve died right then and there. The ducks were surprised to meet her, Duke the most.

Godot: What? No explanation for the so-called ‘Civil War’?

Phoenix: She probably just walked in on one of those Civil War reenactments.

In fact, he wished deep down that she was dead....somewhat deep down, that is. However, their grudge and hatred against each other only lasted for a day. On a mission on an old abandoned volcano island,the ducks splitted up into groups; Duke with Calandra.

Godot: You can tell she's rushing this to get to the obligatory steamy love scene.

Edgeworth: Do you have to remind us?

There they discovered Draguanus mining for Balirium Crystals in the old volcano. Callie distracted the Saurians and Hunter Drones while Duke destroyed the Balirium Crystal supply.

Maya: Belirium crystals? They're not found on Earth...

Phoenix: I believe Star Trek was the first to make a fake element.

The Saurians Wraith, Seige, and Chameleon were defeated, and Duke and Callie surrounded the two. Before the three made their escape, Chameleon blasted a hole underneath Callie’s feet, nearly having her fall into the lava pit. However, Duke managed to grab her wrist just in time. When he pulled her body out of the gun-made pit,she fell into his arms. Then, their true emotions came out, and the two fell passionately in love.

Godot: Told you.

Good Points: Callie is one of the toughest female fighters, next to Mallory. Even though her fighting skills aren’t perfect, they’re good enough. Her adventuress nature makes her brave, the one anyone would be willing to hire for a mission where the chances of surviving were nil.

Franziska: Brave? (scoff) More like idiotic.

Edgeworth: That shouldn't surprise you.

She’s the only one of the ducks who has talentin the art of dagger throwing and the bullwhip. Since she was involved in acroetics, she’s agile and graceful in her martial arts. She’s also a tough notch hockey and ice-skater. Some of her acroetics she practices on the ice, equivalent to any professional figure skater. However, she only figure skates to keep up her agility and gracefulness in fighting. She’s also a talented violinist and horse-back rider, being blessed with ‘Ksd Vnmyezgdmvdnye Snrsds’, which’s Russian for ‘The Confidence of Horses’; the ability to speak and communicate with horses.

Edgeworth: Isn't that more like 'horse whispering'?

Franziska: Is this some kind of new Russian where the characters are Roman and not Cyrillic?

Bad Points: Callie’s adventurous personality always lands her into hot water. She usually has doubts about her abilities, always thinking that they need much more improvement and that she could never be as good as someone else who shows more talent. She’s also a raging feminist; she’ll beat up ANYONE who dares to call her babe,baby, doll, chick, sugar, girly-girl, toots, hotty, or anything related to those mentioned earlier. She’s also too much of a romantic; usually wishes that her life would be the same as the character in the latest romance novel she’s read.

Pets: On Puckworld, Calandra had an Arabian Stallion named Spirit. On Earth, she has a female Himilanx (cross between a Himilyan and a Manx) cat with a diamond and sapphie collar named Jewelina, a reunion gift from her older brother, Slayde (from Clash of Flame; coming soon)

Likes: Duke, daggers,horses, romance novels, anything chocolate, cherries, grapes, felines, martial arts, hockey, ice-skating, family, music, shopping, fashionable clothes, and the violin.

Hates: Kirtland Quackson,the Saurains, Phil, Kleeghorn, people that slay horses, whores,sluts,

Franziska: Hates sluts, huh? Hypocrite.

Edgeworth: Don't forget toady and inebriate.

Godot: Especially inebriate. A sober person couldn't do something this bad.

murderers, men that abuse women, death, crime, rapists, egoists, tricksters, the wealthy life, not being allowed to make her own decisions and choose her own life, bounty hunters, mercenaries,and people that hurt the innocent.

Other: Currently Duke and Calandra have been having an affair. Even though everyone in Anaheim knows that they’re dating, they don’t know that they’ve been sleeping together.

Franziska: Isn't “sleeping together” the definition of having an affair?


And although Calandra is Russian, she can also speak French.

~Quotes Overheard~

ExCUSE me?! Didyou just call me BABY?!

Are you saying....that my father....and yours...want us BOTH...to MARRY?!

Moi amour vous, Duke....(I love you, Duke...; translated from French)

Phoenix: Something tells me this French is grammatically incorrect, but I can't be sure. I don't know Jacques about French.

Edgeworth: She doesn't either.

Tvz bootsdag! Shsvntskg tvz!( You butthead! How could you!; translated from Russian)

~Said of Her~

Kirtland: You are a good liar, ma sharie.

Duke: You’re so ravishing, Calandra. It’s so...overpowering.

Joseph: Calandra,my angel. You look beautiful tonight...

All: Ewww!

Godot: Even Marine's creepy father never talks like that.

Franziska: Incestuous relationship? Just when I thought this couldn't get any more sickening.

Phoenix: Where's the nearest bathroom?

Songs of Her:

Dreamlover’ Mariah Carey
‘Take My Chances’ Mary Chapin Carpenter
‘One Way Ticket(Because I Can)’ LeAnn Rimes
‘No Scrubs’ TLC
‘Reflection’ Christina Augliera
‘You Can Still Be Free’ Savage Garden
‘These Boots are Made For Walking’ Nancy Sinatra
‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ Tina Turner(?)
‘I Have Always Loved You’ Enrique Iglesias(Duke’s emotions towards Calandra when he was younger)
‘Livin La Vida Loca’ Ricky Martin
‘Could I Have This Kiss Forever’ Enrique Iglesias and Whitney Houston (Her emotions towards Duke, and vice versa)

Edgeworth: Eyuk.

Franziska: Not a good song among them.

Write up by Calandra, pic by ~, Character,Story, Ideas © To Calandra Nothing may
be taken, reproduced, or otherwise mangled without permission.

Phoenix: At least we're all safe. The ordeal is over.
Maya: But none of us will ever be quite the same again.

Phoenix: You're right. Once you've read it, you can't unread it.

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